Website Technology Standards 

Updated: February 9, 2021   

The University of Missouri adopted the following standards for all websites created by Digital Service and preferred vendors.   

Website Hosting 

All websites are hosted by the university’s preferred cloud hosting providers. is the hosting provider for WordPress and Drupal. Amazon Web Services (AWS S3) is the hosting provider for static HTML websites.   

Content Management Systems (CMS) 

All websites built in a content management system use ether WordPress or Drupal.  Digital Service consults with each department on the correct CMS to use.   

Website Theme 

All websites for university schools and departments will use the Mizzou Base Theme for whichever CMS they are built with.   

Events Calendar 

The campus events calendar ( is used by all websites to populate calendars and events.   

Forms and surveys 

All forms and surveys required to gather information from website users are created and hosted on the university’s Qualtrics system.  Units needing forms and surveys are required to purchase a Qualtrics license.   

Web Browser Support

Websites are required to meet the campus web browser support standards.

Google Search 

All websites use Google Custom Search Engine, properly configured for use on university websites.   

Google Tag Manager 

All websites utilize a Google Tag Manager tracking code, properly configured for use on university websites.    

Video Hosting 

All videos are to be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.  Videos are embedded into web pages using tools and capabilities provided by the CMS and the Mizzou Base Theme.   


CMS websites are required to authenticate all user accounts via Shibboleth, properly configured and implemented for use on university websites.  All static HTML websites require authentication via Box for editing.   

University Accounts for Cloud Services 

Only accounts owned by the University of Missouri are used for cloud services that augment or optimize websites. These services include Google, YouTube, Vimeo and others.   

Intranet Websites/Collaboration Tools 

An Intranet website is usually restricted to users within a unit or the university.  As such, they do not require highly stylized university branding and marketing content.  Instead, they are created to store and/or collaborate on internal information, usually for faculty and staff. The Division of IT offers a broad set of tools from Microsoft 365 to increase collaboration and reduce duplicative services.  Instead of using Drupal, WordPress or Static HTML websites for collaboration/information sharing with internal constituents, Digital Service recommends SharePoint Online and/or Teams.   

Additional Standards 

Additional standards and resources are available to units to assist with optimizing websites to comply with university standards.