The following products and services provide a robust digital communications platform for all strategic communications and marketing teams at MU and UM System. Complete a Service Request or contact to discuss any of the services below.

Mizzou Web Themes

The Mizzou Drupal Base theme and the Mizzou WordPress Base theme are campus themes that include Mizzou branded components, layers, pages, navigation, header, footer and search.

Design System

Digital Service maintains the website design system which consists of components, patterns, assets and processes to support campus websites and other digital experiences. The Mizzou Design System provides guidelines and code to quickly create websites that are consistently brand-compliant and accessible.

Website Hosting for Colleges, Schools and Departments

Website hosting is provided using and Amazon Web Service. Review the overview of website hosting options for service details and pricing.

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Content management system hosting

Drupal and WordPress are the two content management systems (CMS) supported by Digital Service. Request more information.

Static website hosting

Many websites are simple, do not change often or too small to require a full content management system. For these websites, static website hosting is the preferred solution. Review the overview of website hosting options for details and pricing.

Web address redirection

Redirection is helpful when internet traffic for an old URL cannot be routed directly to a web application, website, or website subdirectory. For example: 

  • When an old URL needs to redirect traffic to an externally hosted website not controlled by the university;
  • When an obsolete URL is being phased out and traffic must flow to the website’s new URL;
  • When traffic must flow to a specific subdirectory on a static website. 

For the above scenarios, web address redirection is accomplished using Amazon Web Services. This service is available at $2.00 per month per redirection target (i.e. the specific destination or end-point that traffic is redirected to). Each subdirectory having traffic redirected to it requires a separate AWS charge. Request more information.

Website Hosting for Faculty

Digital Service provides no charge hosting for faculty websites via Google Sites (a part of Google Workspace for Education). Use of the faculty website service is subject to specific Terms of Service.  Learn more about faculty website hosting.

iModules - Mass Email Marketing Tool

The Joint Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing provides support for iModules, a centralized mass email marketing tool. iModules allows staff within campus units to create and utilize templates for newsletters and other email communications. The use of iModules is subject to Terms of Use and requires adherence to the MU Mass Email Policy. To learn more, contact Digital Service for a consultation.

Website Development

Custom website development

Campus units can utilize Digital Service for custom website development. Using university resources to develop websites is cost-effective and cheaper than using an outside vendor. The Digital Service project process starts with an intake process to learn about scope, goals, objectives, timelines and budget. Once a project is negotiated, the project itself will include several phases and tasks that ultimately result in a new or rebuilt website. Project charges are processed to a university account monthly. If you need custom web development, request a consultation with Digital Service.

Website development using preferred vendors

After consulting with Digital Service, it may be clear that the resources required to complete a project are more than the university has available. When that is the case, we will recommend a Preferred Vendor.

Website Support and Custom Development

Custom development of plugins and modules

Digital Service develops and implements WordPress plugins or Drupal modules as required to automate well-defined business processes on a time and material basis. Contact us to schedule a discovery session where we will discuss your needs and identify solutions.

Maintenance and support

Websites require maintenance to insure they remain secure, perform properly and their core technologies are updated. Digital Service provides maintenance and support for CMS, plugin/module, and tools. Review the Fees page and contact Digital Service for a consultation.

Digital Asset Management System

The University of Missouri utilizes the MerlinOne Digital Asset Management System (DAM) to catalog and manage official pictures and videos for use in marketing and communication activities. It is available to all marketing and communications teams at Extension, MU and the UM System office.  Details are available in the in the Digital Service Documentation.

Google Custom Search

Digital Services provides support and consulting on using and configuring Google Custom Search Engine on university websites.  Details are available in the Digital Service Documentation.