The following vendors have been selected to provide website development and support services to campus units. They represent a wide range of services to provide you with options that best meet your needs.

Vendor contacts, services available and other information.

Working with a vendor

Getting started
To get things started, you should define the type of work you’re looking for in a scope of work document. The document should provide as much information as you can about what you’re looking for. Be sure to include:

  • Introduction and summary information
  • Project description
  • Goals & objectives
  • Expected timeline
  • Primary contacts
  • Specifications (websites included, required deliverables, explicit responsibilities)
  • Estimated budget

In the future, we will provide sample scopes of work you can use to get started.

Contact the Digital Service team
Once you feel you have defined your project sufficiently, contact Digital Service for a brief consultation. We’ll go over your scope of work, discuss the needs you’ve addressed and provide direction and feedback. Some vendors may suit your needs better than others and our team is prepared to assist you in the selection process.

Contact a vendor
Once you’ve met with Digital Service and your scope of work is ready to go, you can contact the vendors. Each vendor has their own unique process, but they all will want to review your scope of work and then schedule a meeting to discuss and provide appropriate estimates.

Evaluate and select your vendor
Based on your initial meetings and the vendor responses, you should evaluate which company best meets your needs. There are many criteria you’ll want to consider such as:

  • does the company provide the right services your needs require;
  • does their body of previous work match the needs of your project;
  • their years of experience and references;
  • and, of course, how long and how much the vendor estimates.

Once you’ve agreed on project terms with your vendor, contact Procurement for help executing a Purchased Services Agreement(PSA). The PSA must be completed and approved before work begins on your project.

Keep Digital Service involved
After selecting your vendor, we ask that you keep us involved as much as possible during the process. Each vendor is already required to stay in touch with us, so they are knowledgeable when it comes to campus standards and processes. However, the more we can be kept in the loop as work progresses, the easier it will be to approve completed deliverables.


While campus units are not required to select one of the vendors on the list, they are highly encouraged to do so. By choosing one of these vendors, you ensure work adheres to campus standards and significantly expedite your project’s timeline by eliminating the need to go through a formal RFP process with procurement.

If you opt out of using the vendors, you will need to contact procurement to begin the normal RFP process. More information can be found on the Supply Chain website.

Questions or feedback?

We are committed to helping you through this process. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Digital Service team for more information.

Digital Service

Kevin Bailey
Digital Service