The following is a list of our current projects. If you have questions about these or about the future of our digital campus, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Website Hosting

The university is migrating to cloud website hosting providers. Review the overview of website hosting options for more information.  Websites hosted on Division of IT servers are being migrated to AWS and (details here).  The Division of IT Web Hosting service (WH) will be removed from service in 2020.

Design System

Digital Service has developed a design system consisting of components, patterns, assets and processes to support our campus websites and other digital experiences. Currently a Beta release, the Mizzou Design System provides guidelines and code to help you quickly create trustworthy, accessible and consistent websites.

Email Marketing

Digital Service is working with units across to campus to implement a centrally supported email marketing system for handling mass emails to various distribution lists.  More information will be available soon.