The Mizzou Drupal 8 Base theme is available to all MU web developers and vendors who support MU websites. The Drupal 8 theme integrates with the Mizzou Design System and as such is subject to the same Terms of Use.

Using the Mizzou Drupal 8 Base Theme

If you are using the Mizzou Drupal 8 installation (provided by Digital Service), the theme will come pre-installed with your starter site.

If you are upgrading an existing Mizzou Drupal 8 upstream (provided by Digital Service), you will accomplish this via Composer. Note: as the default block regions for the Mizzou Base theme may be different from your sub-theme, rearrangement of blocks may be required after updating. As always, test first and make a backup beforehand.

Update the Mizzou Drupal 8 Theme Settings

Unlike the Mizzou WordPress Base theme, settings for Google Tag Manager and Search are not included in the theme markup and are currently managed by separate modules. Information on modules required for integrating these services with your Drupal 8 installation can be found in the theme’s README.